Student-to-Adult Transitions - A 21st Century Guide for Parents and Teens

About this episode: Lisa Washington has created an online binder with invaluable resources to help teachers, parents and students prepare for life after high school.

Why this story is juicy: Surprising insight about how responsibilities of parents change once your kid turns 18. I also learn the challenges of organizing digitally.

Who benefits: parents, teens, teachers and other content curators


Tina Schneider - Founder of LiveBinders

Linda Houle - Retired Middle School Librarian and LiveBinders curator


On this episode, Linda Houle and I welcome Lisa Washington, a student-to-adult transition consultant for the Arkansas Transition Services team with the Dawson Education Service Cooperative.  In this candid interview, Lisa leads us through the 5 areas of preparation that students with special needs should navigate to prepare for their career/life journey once they turn 18. As Linda and I discover, it’s a preparation that any student and parent could benefit from. 

I also share what I learned helping Lisa organize her online binder.  Anyone who curates online material for an audience will appreciate the challenges we faced, and how incorporating a simple outline can help address a major issue with going digital.

This episode will be an eye-opener for any parent, caregiver or teacher preparing high school students for life after they turn 18.

Please click here to access Lisa's binder where you can also download her printable resources, including the podcast transcript.

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